ilmanati Surface Previewwith 3 more styles
ilmanati Surface Preview with 3 more styles

The ilmanati will be out by July 2018 and with 3 additional styles including: Vintage, Mirror and iWall, as promised in our previous campaign on the latest upgrade.

These 3 styles are also featuring all the highlights that the ilmanati surface does:

If you did fall for the 9 statement styles JA Wall embraces, these are simply a must-have to add in your existing Responsive Joomla template bundle. More info on the release can be read at its changelog, or you can compare the release with the previous versions.

  • A fully responsive Joomla templates, meaning it looks great not only on wide screen alone, but also remains beautifully on all other screen sizes
  • A native Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.x template
  • Dynamic grid layouts
  • Undesign approach mixed with a bit flat
  • And work seamlessly with the powerful JA Social Feed extension

We made sure we gave the audience the ability to change the appearance to suit their views and devices.

The 3 additional styles are all stunning, clean yet modern.